Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring Around the Corner? The Birds and Buds Think So

I really should change the picture on my blog header, but it's possible that snow may fall in our area, even as buds are coming out on trees, bushes, and even up from the chilly soil. Heather and crocuses are blooming in the warmer spots, next to the house and in areas protected from the wind.

Just yesterday I saw a score of tiny black and brown birds hopping about the flowerbeds, hunting through the bounty of seeds generously provided by the towering pines. The quail are back too. Three couples scurried across our front lawn, heading for the shelter of our juniper tree. Before long they will nest, and later ping-pong size babies will appear and bobble through the grass.

Next month, ten days before the official first day of spring, Daylight Savings time will begin. That means I'll be waking up in the dark, although lately I've been getting up very early anyway. Mornings are a good time to get things done - no one is up and I can tackle my writing projects and my stack of books.

Even though it's Presidents' weekend and spring is a month away, I'm celebrating it in my heart.

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