Tuesday, June 21, 2016

You Can Judge A Book By Its Cover

I'd like to share my author friend, Sahar Abdulaziz's, Tuesday blog. It contains faccinating information about how to choose a book cover, plus so much more...


Sahar's Monday Morning ‪#‎Blog‬ on ‪#‎Tuesday‬ !

Truth be told, nothing does it for me more than seeing a book cover finally come to fruition. It is the single most visible telltale sign that a book is close to completion and will formally have a home and name.

A Writer's Journey

I'm giving a big thank you and a shout-out to Susan Faw for granting me an interview.

Today's author spotlight is shining on Donelle Knudsen! http://susanfaw.com/2016/06/author-spotlight-donelle-knudsen/
Author Spotlight - Donelle Knudsen - SUSAN FAW

Today’s author spotlight has found Donelle Knudsen, the native Oregonian wandering the dusty trails ...

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Between Heartbeats Re-publication

Author update: To turn a phrase, I learned how to change sour lemons into sweet lemonade when my publisher closed its doors in May. After experiencing an interesting month, I’m happy to announce my novel, Between Heartbeats, is back on Amazon in Kindle and paperback. The Kindle price is $2.99 and the paperback edition is now $12.95. I extinguished this unexpected blip and have resumed writing Book Two of the Heartbeat Series. I plan to release the title and cover this fall, and anticipate its publication in December 2016. 


My future publisher posted this link yesterday and I just had to share it, too.


Sunday, April 24, 2016

Chrysalis - A New Life

The word chrysalis brings to mind a safe, warm, cozy place...When I think of it, I envision a lovely butterfly and the promise of something beautiful. There are so many beautiful things in our world: sunsets, the night sky, waterfalls, rivers, spring flowers, fall leaves, and New Life.

My husband and I are blessed with two grown children and several grandchildren, and this summer we will welcome yet another life into our family. Our daughter and her husband are expecting their first child, and this little one has special meaning to me. Many years ago, we began the adoption process to add a baby girl to our family of three. Our son had just turned eight, and it seemed the perfect time to plunge ahead. We were fortunate to know two couples who had been through the adoption process and so they gave us confidence and valuable information.

After our home study, complete with references and photo albums, was submitted to Holt International Children's Services, the wait began. God must have known we were more than ready because only four months later we received the news our daughter had been born and was waiting for us in Inchon, South Korea. Today, future parents have ultrasound images to cherish. We had two black and white photos of our beautiful baby girl. As a proud "expectant" mother, I showed them to family and friends and counted the weeks to her homecoming.

We were told our daughter would arrive the end of January, but as plans do, they changed. The phone call came right after New Year's Day 1983 and we headed to the airport a few days later. It all seems so long ago, but as July 26, 2016 approaches, the same emotions sweep over me. As a grandmother, my role is entirely different, but I hope to have an impact on her precious life and build memories to last a lifetime. As with the first embrace with our daughter so many years ago, I can't wait to see my daughter's baby, to stroke her velvet-soft face, to look into her eyes, and pull her close to my heart. Welcome home, little angel.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My novel, Between Heartbeats, is featured in the Fanfare section of Portland State Magazine's Winter 2016 edition.


Monday, January 18, 2016

My novel, Between Heartbeats Kindle edition, is FREE - Today, January 18 through January 20 download on Amazon links: Between Heartbeats Kindle edition is FREE today, January 18-20 download on Amazon: