Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hold Onto the Sky

Yesterday it was so windy, that the clouds could not hold onto the sky. The morning hours were cloudy, gray, claustrophobic. But gradually, the sky cleared - it had no choice - the cloud cover was swept away. I had no desire to go outside, and when I did, my trip was cut short. It was the perfect day to stay inside to read and watch DVDs, which I found myself doing for the remainder of the day.

Today, we're back to normal for this time of year: chilly and a bit breezy, with intermittent sun breaks and warming temps, just enough to encourage the plants to perk up and to send out the ever-optimistic golfers.

The strong, unrelenting winds from yesterday stirred up thoughts about how life's trials can knock us over or simply wear us down with its ferocity. It may come all at once with an unexpected phone call, email, or letter, or sneak up innocently and escalate into a full-blown gale.

Times of stress and challenges are tough to bear, no matter the source or duration, but when I remember to hold onto the sky with faith and hope, after the winds blow past, a calm that soothes the mind and soul will reappear.

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