Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Life in February

It's been awhile since my last posting, but I have an excellent excuse. On February 1 we celebrated, and continue to celebrate, the birth of our third grandson. He was born at home, as planned, and arrived safe and sound amid much prayer and support from family. No, we didn't actually see his birth, but we were downstairs and heard his first cry. Another thing, besides the amazing miracle of birth, is that he looks so much like our son, and I feel transported back to 1973.

With this precious one's birth, we add another February birthday to our roster, giving us an additional reason, besides Valentine's Day, to love February. Our part of the country has been experiencing unseasonably warm weather and a few brave crocuses and lilac buds have appeared. I know spring is a ways off, but for our family, we witnessed the miracle of life coming in the winter.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone and please, if you can,
give your loved ones big hugs today.

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