Monday, January 23, 2012

Colors and Textures of Nature

I didn't realize the extent to which colors and textures affect my moods; specifically the colors and textures of nature. When we re-decorated our family room recently, we chose neutral colors for the tile floor, area rug, and furniture: taupe, brown, and olive green, like the earth. Then I added reds, gold, and hints of orange to accent with pillows, pictures, and other pieces. Looking at the room, I see the colors of autumn, my favorite season of the year. Now I spend more time there, reading, studying, watching t.v., and spending time with family.

Whenever possible, I introduce some facet of nature into our home with pictures and prints of birds, flowers, and outside scenes. Since childhood, I have drawn energy and a sense of peace from God's beautiful world. Our father took my brother and me to the beach, and we camped in the Columbia Gorge, the Oregon Cascades, and Crater and Diamond Lake areas. Those happy times and memories remain with me to this day.

My husband and I just returned from Central Oregon: the land of ponderosa pine, mountains, and lakes. Of course it's winter and the colors are muted, the landscape is softened, and quieted with a blanket of snow. I loved every moment of our vacation as I soaked in the tranquility for six days. Bringing this feeling home, with a cup of tea beside me and a warmed spirit inside, I'll spend the next days recording my feelings in poetry and prose.

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