Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankfulness is a State of Mind

Periods of relative peace, prosperity, and thankfulness can be fleeting. When I find myself in the "eye of the storm", where all is calm, I want to savor every moment. Thanksgiving is an official North American holiday set aside for us to gather with family and focus on our blessings. Tomorrow most of us will spend the day with loved ones and do just that.

Many will devote their energies to devouring turkey, potatoes and gravy, pumpkin pie, and then watching football and perhaps falling asleep in an arm chair. I remember those days at Grandma's house - full from the year's best meal and me falling asleep in front of the t.v., or at the foot of my granddad as he smoked his pipe.

We didn't rise early the next morning to wait in line for Black Friday bargains. It was a simpler time, less materialistic in many ways.

Life is complicated this year for me, stressful on several fronts.

But I'll take a day off, maybe a whole weekend, to energize. That's what Granddad would advise. He witnessed plenty of tough times, but he was optimistic and tried to live in a Thankful state of mind.

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