Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Time is Precious-Use it Wisely

It's a strange phenomenon, but the busier I get, the more I accomplish. How is that? I simply work better under pressure and like nothing better than to make a list, check items off and then start a new one. Doesn't sound particularly creative does it? Oh, but that's my organized side, my accounting side, if you will. Several years ago I discovered my impulsive, creative side; the side that matures and evolves the more I use it.

In high school and college I read poetry, studied it and did not understand or appreciate it. What a waste. About a year ago I wrote a simple poem about friendship and after a little encouragement from a reader and courage on my part, I have written several more. Some are posted on my website.

Poetry is a wondrous outlet but as an instructor once said, "Anyone can write poetry, but not everyone can be a poet." How true. Even so I would like to be a poet. So, with the time God has given me, I will strive to use it wisely, and hopefully pen a few poems that will be remembered or at least cause a reader to smile or shed a tear.

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