Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Tribute

A Thousand Thanks Could Never Be Enough

Warm smile, laughing eyes, true in every way is my Mother-in-Love,
my husband’s mother, my children’s grandmother, my friend.

Madeline has always walked with truth, loved wisely and well,
but now her mind falters, hesitant to recall memories and names.

Eyes not as bright, step not as brisk, she sits quietly,
but in her heart she knows what’s been forgotten.

Madeline’s world is smaller now, smaller but not trivial,
for she opened the world to me, loved me, accepted me as her own.

She is my Mother-in-Love, not related by blood, but by choice,
by acceptance, by shared experiences.

I will miss her, I miss her already, and I have to say good-bye,
inch by inch, moment by moment as she slips away.

But in God’s time she’ll be restored to her full self,
warm smile, laughing eyes, true in every way is my Mother-in-Love.

Written by Donelle Knudsen in 2008

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