Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Value of Blogging

I'll admit, for various reasons, I haven't devoted a great deal of time to this blog. Outside of "serious" writing projects, my Authors Den website has been my main focus. But it seems most writers have had positive experiences with their blogs and after reading Julie Powell's Julie & Julia and seeing the movie twice, I can appreciate the value and appeal of blogs.
Blogs provide a way to share fleeting thoughts, serious ideas, hobbies, or opinions. Readers may or may not be out there, but the simple act of writing can soothe the soul like a good cup of tea or a chat with an old friend.
Soon I will have the flexibility to write on a daily basis, if I get into a routine that is, and for any writer, that is a good thing. The proverbial bend in the road has reappeared and I have yet another opportunity to work in a different industry with lots to learn and new people to meet. I'm very excited and extremely blessed to have this chance relatively late in my professional career.
So, three cheers to LIFE and Blog on.

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