Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mall Psychology and the Shopping Experience

Serious mall shopping is an activity I don't experience all that often; actually it only happens during the Christmas season. Yesterday my daughter and I spent most of the day together, which was special in its self. She's married and works full time, so it's hard to coordinate our schedules, but the stars aligned just right.

After a delicious lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, we hit the stores. For a Tuesday, it was quite busy, and it didn't take long for us to get caught up in the spirit of things. My daughter needed an item in Bath and Body Works, which I had visited the day before, so I was sure I was immune to impulse buying. But I fell for the first special staged at the front door. "SALE: Today Only - purchase 3 for $6, regular price $15." Who could resist? Not me!

Next, we went to Eddie Bauer, strictly to say "Hi" to my friend who works there. Right. Twenty minutes later we walked out with two more purchases. Ka-Ching. We were on a roll. On to Penny's to find socks for the men in our family. But why buy one package when you can buy two, especially when they're on sale?

We were getting pretty thirsty by then so we stopped at the Starbucks Cafe in Barnes & Noble. But first, why not look at books? You guessed it, we each bought a book as well as a delicious beverage.

Lesson for the day: Combine shopping buddy with a mall chock full of fellow shoppers, irresistible specials, restaurants, and Christmas and it's the perfect formula for the ultimate social experience.

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