Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gift Bags Save Time, Eliminate Frustration

Gift wrapping has never been my favorite activity and I always wait till the last minute. Not this year, though. I have declared war on the whole pile of presents and attacked it enthusiastically. I discovered it's like most unpleasant projects, once begun, it can be fun.

My husband and daughter are the real experts at wrapping, and the result is: packages with military corners and perfectly placed tape, bows, and ribbon. They even coordinate gift tags with the paper, and if possible with the recipient. It's a shame to have to rip their presents open.

I have gotten better at gift wrapping, but the awkwardly shaped items always end up in gift bags. Gift bags, what an invention! As Christmas grows closer so does the collection of gift bags under our tree.

This year all my wrapping will be done TEN DAYS before Christmas. Wow, this is December 15. I better get busy. Happy wrapping, all.

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