Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gift From the Past

The mind, particularly the memory part, is an amazing thing. Yesterday I was teleported to my childhood by an item in an antique shop. Hanging on a cup hook was a child-size bracelet exactly like the one I had many years ago. The pleasant reminder of my long, lost possession was accompanied with guilt. How could I have forgotten about my favorite bracelet?

My charm bracelet, a present from my father for Christmas or Easter, was faux pearl with eleven charms: a tiny mother of pearl Bible and ten gold octagons with the Ten Commandments imprinted on each.

As I held the doll-size trinket, I felt five years old again; better yet, here was an early Christmas present. My husband smiled, knowing that I'd ask to buy it. I didn't right away, only after thinking about it over a cup of coffee. You got it! The pearl bracelet will sit in my jewelry box until my granddaughter can slip it on her wrist.

Merry Christmas. Make good memories.

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