Saturday, April 23, 2011

Here's to Springtime and New Life

Springtime always reminds me of a new beginning; it's nature's way of telling us, "Life goes on." Nothing illustrates this more clearly than rolling hills of green pasture land filled with colts, calves, and newborn sheep as they chase each other or simply jump for joy, happy to be alive.

I like to think on these marvelous scenes whenever I feel a little down; whether it's because of a rainy day, or because my writing is stalled, or because everyone else is busy when I have nothing to do. Children have much in common with our four-footed friends. They see the good in just about everything and get excited about little things: eating a chocolate ice cream cone, having a friend to share the afternoon with, or taking a bike ride on a warm summer day. I remember the carefree days of my youth and am grateful I can still do many of my favorite things.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday; it's the ultimate way of saying, "Life goes on." With His ultimate sacrifice, Jesus ensured that life can go on forever, if we choose to believe. Happy Easter & happy spring.

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